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Bhutani Grandthum is the pre-eminent super-regional shopping center in the Greater Noida West, India. It adheres rigidly to the criteria of accessibility, visibility, and critical mass, all of which predetermine the success of any retail center.The layout of grandthum is configured in a double-level figure eight that gives it “walkability” and a condensed footprint unrivaled …



Supertech Supernova is the India’s tallest and largest mixed use development supercity comprising 5 million sq. ft. Within the complex you will find everything you want ranging from amazing malls with different brands, immense open area, club house with all facilities, luxury hotels, restaurants with world known cuisines, luxurious residential apartments and futuristic office space …

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Alphathum is an extraordinary commercial project with every sufficient facility along with necessary amenities which attracts many multinational companies and some business tycoons to move there for a better workplace and bright future. To enhance its luxury its three extremely stunning looking towers will have the biggest infinity pool of around 900 feet in length …

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