Bhutani Grandthum is the pre-eminent super-regional shopping center in the Greater Noida West, India.

It adheres rigidly to the criteria of accessibility, visibility, and critical mass, all of which predetermine the success of any retail center.
The layout of grandthum is configured in a double-level figure eight that gives it “walkability” and a condensed footprint unrivaled by other comparable schemes locally and globally.

Natural light and connectivity of Grandthum between the two levels set the standard that is demanded in new centers today. Grandthum on-grade parking decks are initially accessed via an ingenious, undulating ring road system;  that eliminates the need for ramp systems, thereby giving equal importance to both levels of the grandthum project.
By not surrounding the building with parking, connectivity to the rest of the Grandthum precinct is ensured.

Blending form with function, the Iconic twin tower’s design was an exercise in simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability of Grandthum. Using LED technology on the façade and focusing on public space and strong pedestrian thoroughfares in grandthum, we balanced striking aesthetics with commercial viability.

Bhutani Grandthum is a landmark retail icon, comprising retail, leisure, entertain, and a tower over 36 levels, crowned by an Observation Deck at 28th level with 360-degree views.
With its vast range of facilities and vivid light display, Grandthum injects energy and activity into Nodia’s contemporary culture.


  • The luxurious finish of the interiors is found throughout the retail podium and office lobbies,
  • Inviting the user into a modern environment which is amplified by the vibrant shops,
  • Contemporary restaurants and innovative use of technology.


Concept of ​“Water and Yacht”, drawing a close resemblance to the client’s existing brand identity.

Grandthum detailing aims to deliver a contemporary, luxurious and exclusive space for sophisticated professionals — serving both the retail and commercial needs.


Grandthum located in the prominent area of Greater Noida West commercial district, the project consists of twin-stories retail with two office towers connected above and a two Level underground parking below.


Experience an all-new shopping experience with an amusement park which re-energizes your life in Grandthum.
Pegged as greater Noida’s first organized air shopping center integrated with the amusement park and iconic office developments.

  • A complete Retail Destination with a thrilling and enjoyable experience at Greater Noida West.
  • The perfect place for short family breaks and shopaholic’s paradise.
  • A Hypermarket to effectively cater to the needs of the high density of the population in Delhi and NCR.
  • Yacht located within the shopping center which would help you to relax in the open air.
  • This shopping arcade has more than 100 outlets which include F&B, retail outlets in grandthum.
  • Multi-cuisine food court with fine dining and specialty snacks and various restaurants.
  • The Rides for Entertainment are being imported from Leading European companies which supply to Disney and Universal studio.
  • Sustainable, modern techniques and green development- environment friendly.


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